Rapid Rescoring


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July 19, 2013:
Rise in mortgage interest rates creates panic for buyers who are looking to lock in rates prior to even higher costs, and rescoring interst also reaches a record high.



New information on rapid rescoring. Always look out for people who promise results at a high cost, or who promise to get you better ratings by attaching your account to someone who has good credit via a "tradeline", since this can appear to be fraud.

Improve Your Credit Score Instantly (Almost!)

Don't Wait Around To Make A Purchase - Repair Your Credit Today!

Rapid rescoring is a new way of quickly wiping bad information off your credit report in order to qualify for mortgages, car loans, leases, and other transactions that involve credit. You can even qualify for lower credit card interest rates and refinance at reduced costs. Currently, rapid rescoring needs to be done at the request of a financial institution, but this is still good news for people who are looking to get loans, since lenders often don't mind making the request if it is going to result in a comission on thier side. Essentially you can use rapid rescoring to wipe out false negative infrormation from your credit score and get a nearly instant re-evaluation of your profile with credit bureaus. The advantages are obvious, especially for anyone who been rejected for a loan or who ended up with a higher interest rate on a credit card due to bad information (including identity theft) on a credit report.  .

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion all will do rescoring if they have a relationship with a lender, but will not do this for ordinary people yet. In the future, rapid rescoring may be more avaiable.